Bayer DIDGET blood glucose meter connects to Nintendo DS

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Kids love games and diabetic kids hate testing their blood sugars. Bayer hopes its new DIDGET meter, which connects to Nintendo DS and DS Lite systems, will convince diabetic kids to test their blood sugars more often.

The $75 system comes with a DS game called Knock ‘Em Downs: World’s Fair featuring “a full length adventure game and mini game arcade,” according to the press release. Connecting the glucose meter to a Nintendo DS will allow kids to unlock new game levels using points that they build up from consistent blood glucose monitoring. Kids will also be able create online accounts in the near future where they can upload their test results and spend their points on stuff. Lucky!

Back when I was a diabetic kid (still diabetic, not a kid anymore), we didn’t have fancy meter games. And blood test results took a minute, not five seconds like nowadays. I had to walk to school barefoot, uphill, both ways, and I lived in Minnesota so it was winter all year long. You kids are soft.

DIDGET is available through Walgreens,, and CVS for $75.