Google Nexus One Dropped From Verizon Lineup

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It seems that Google’s own flagship Android phone, the Nexus One, won’t be coming to Verizon after all. The ordering page used to list the handset as “coming soon” to Verizon, although today shoppers are greeted with a message attempting to persuade them to purchase the soon-to-be-available DROID Incredible instead.

It’s unclear why Verizon opted out of selling the Nexus One, although it’s no secret that sales of the handset haven’t exactly been through the roof. Both the Incredible and the Nexus One are manufactured by HTC and the Incredible offers a bit more bang for the buck ($20 more bucks, to be precise) so it’s not like Verizon customers are losing out all that much other than the Nexus One being a bit smaller than the Incredible.