Redemption for Some, Death to Many: Red Dead’s Multiplayer Details

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Earlier this month, we brought some details about the single-player experience in Red Dead Redemption, the upcoming Western from the makers of Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar Games is now unveiling what the multiplayer action in RDR will look like.

Multiplayer matches will begin with standoffs where teams battle each other; the winning team gets a head-start on the best weapons, a sniper location or a more defensible hideout.  The competitive modes will include Shootout , which is the game’s spin on a deathmatch-style mode, and Hold Your Own, a location-based conflict based on capture-the-flag. In Gold Rush, posses will need to hunt for bags of gold and get them back to specific locations on the map.

Most interestingly, Redemption’s Dead Eye mechanic will be a part of these online competitive modes. In the single-plyer game, the game’s signature superpower allows players to slow down time and paint strike zones where their bullets will hit specific locations on enemies. Dead Eye won’t slow down time in multiplayer. Still, Unleashing this ability for everyone to use in a multiplayer setting could lead to chaos. It’s likely, however, that Rockstar will have some kind of check-and-balance system that will curb any abuse.

Red Dead Redemption comes out on May 18th.