Streamys E-mail Chain: Our Take On “Rebuild the Trust”

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Yesterday, we got word of the – an attempt by the Streamy Award’s producers to repair the show after this year’s fiasco of glitchy streaming, incorrect or unplayable clips, crude jokes and –what else?– streakers. We were a little surprised the group is still pushing their problems into public light, but still, it got us talking. Here’s our final take:

Allie Townsend: A few weeks ago, I saw penis on the Internet. Not really original, I know, but since I’m not a porn fan, I felt a little bamboozled. At first I thought that this guy’s Emperor’s New Clothes impression was all part of the show’s “Crude” theme (next year, I suggest “Under the Sea.”) I stopped watching shortly after, but read the next day of some pretty big mistakes made on the part of the show’s organizers. (Noted.)

After a few different public apologies from the show’s producers and the IAWTV, Streamy LLC has created an entire “I’m Sorry, I’ll Change” manifesto, which basically begs for support so their now disgraced award show will survive to see a third year, but I also feel like the campaign places an undue amount of blame on the IAWTV. (They call for a massive restructuring of the org’s Board of Directors because now the IAWTV is threatening to take over.) I understand that the show sucked and now you must fix it. I also understand that you may have a beef or two with your partner IAWTV. What I don’t understand, is why Streamy is trying to tie the two together. You screwed up. You put dong on the Internet. Please, clean up your own mess, first, before pointing fingers at others.

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Steven James Snyder: This was a definitely a big year for the awards, as the Streamys attempted to go a little more popular and mainstream. They were throwing a lot of PR out there, really trying to increase the event’s exposure. And what they learned instead is how quickly the tide can chance on the Internet. When something goes wrong online, it goes wrong big and fast.

Clearly everyone is in a state of damage control right now. But in all this bickering of who’s right and who’s wrong, what they’re doing is actually prolonging the story. When I heard this news today, my reaction was mostly: Wow, are people still talking about this? And it’s not just normal people who are still complaining; it’s the organizers who continue to breath life into this controversy.

So viral lesson number 2 of the 2010 Streamys: Time heals all wounds. Take a breather, think about how to make next year’s better than ever. Enlist the help of some big names. And next January of February, start rolling out your big new plans. The average person here has no interest in assigning blame, has little interest in inside politics. We want a fun show, so just tell us what plans you have up your sleeves and when it’s going to be on.

To keep focusing on all the ways that you screwed up will do nothing more than keep reminding us that it flubbed. The online news cycle lasts about 3 hours, so why have you wasted 3 weeks on all this silliness? We all want to move on, so let us.

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Allie: I agree. Yeah, we’re going to see a lot of jokes if/when the Streamys begin gearing up for next year, but endure them and keep on going. The industry is brimming with talent, and concentrating on this one corner where it tripped is only going to further shed Web TV in a negative light. Step aside and let the hardworking writers/directors/actors/producers do what they’re great at doing. Their success in the next year will prove to be your biggest asset because everyone will see they deserved to be honored, so of course, awards will be necessary. Right now, I feel like the Streamys is taking light away from the very people it exists to support. Bow out gracefully, fix your family problems in private, then come on back next year.