Tecmo Bowl Throwback Now Available on Xbox Live Arcade

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It’s Tecmo Bowl, but on your Xbox 360. And without the NFL-licensed players and teams. But with a 3D-style look and feel! You can go old-school and play in 2D mode, too. It’s actually the SNES version of Super Tecmo Bowl, redone for the present day and with some extras thrown in here and there.

The big addition here, aside from new HD graphics, is the online multiplayer feature. That means you can use the time between now and when the game’s done downloading to track down all the kids that used to live in your neighborhood growing up.

Tecmo Bowl Throwback costs 800 Microsoft points plus however much a calculator costs so you can determine how many dollars is equal to 800 Microsoft points. Ah, it’s $10. I just saved you the cost of a calculator.