Panel of the Week 4/28/10

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Yeah, we’re a bit heavy on Marvel this week. I try to spread the love around a little better than this. There was a big death, a new armor reveal, and Balder finally found his Norn Stones if you follow. All this and more in this edition of Panel of the Week.

Thor #609
Talk about promoting weak middle management. When Thor’s brother was given rule of Asgard he was greeted with a deafening ‘Who Cares?!’. After making some questionable calls, including moving the floating city to friggin Latveria, it was starting to look like maybe we should find him a nice desk job. You can imagine my surprise when I found out that he can make his light up sword bend bullets. Magic bullets, no less.

Iron Man #25
Here it is, the new Iron Man armor. Which apparently can be stored wholly within Tony Stark’s body and called forth when needed. I looked past this when it was first introduced with Extremis because then it was just the undersheath. Now it’s the entire suit of armor. Granted, it’s a slimmed down model but really? This is harder to swallow than the suitcase.

Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #1
I understand that Samuel L. Fury is putting together a true ‘black ops’ team of Avengers. These people are to be very much of the whatever-it-takes persuasion, much like Fury himself. They recruit the Punisher to be the Captain America of this team. I’m just not sure how Millar is going to reconcile the mass murdering antics of a guy who says “Aw jeez” when confronted with a problem.

Invincible #71
I present to you the least threatening super hero costume ever slapped together. You might be fooled into thinking that Omni-Man is relaxing after a long day fighting galactic villains. You would be wrong. That’s just how he rolls these days. Wide neck onesie, cape, and no shoes. 24/7. I suppose if I was near invulnerable I’d get loose as well, kind of like a CEO in Crocs. But he’s preparing for war. You put shoes on for war.

X-Force #26
“Many will be wounded. Several will die.” That was the poorly worded tag line for the whole Second Coming event. Well, they were not lying. Night Crawler bites it in this, the fifth chapter of the series. He died saving Hope because he’s a believer. What’s the over under on b-list Marvel hero ressurection these days? Two years?

X-Force #26 (again)
I just had to include another panel from X-Force #26. This was one of the best renditions of the alien ‘mutant’ Warlock I’ve seen for some time. Especially after Greg Land stumbled with the techno-organic burnt fuse in Chapter Four. I want Mike Choi to draw an entire mini-series starring Warlock. At least give him a guest issue of one of the three Deadpool ongoings.