Best Buy Offering iPad Shipping and Store Pickup Soon?

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Everybody try to remain calm when I tell you that Best Buy may be getting ready to offer in-store pickup for the iPad. Currently you have to search store inventories, see which stores have them in stock, and then head to the store hoping to get your hands on one before they sell out.

The in-store pickup option lets you put a credit or debit card down to reserve an iPad and then you have a few days to show up and claim it. It’s a good system for those of us who don’t like throwing elbows with other consumers.

As I checked Best Buy’s mobile site last night, I noticed that the iPad product page now says “Shipping: Coming Soon” and “Store Pickup: Coming Soon,” whereas Best Buy’s full site still just says that the iPads are available in-store only. No word on when in-store pickup will be available and, of course, you can order an iPad to be shipped to you via at any time.