Comics on Our Pull List 5/5/10

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Here is the short version of what might end up being a very long pull list this week. As I mentioned yesterday DC is coming very strong with its heaviest hitters. Brains are on the menu as well. Finally, Marvel gives us snikt and thwip in one astonishing new book. Come back later in the week to see what books made the Panel of the Week as well as the new Comic Book Club.

I, Zombie #1
Leave no brain snacker unturned is our motto around here. “I, Zombie” uses the not yet worn out trope that zombies retain humanity (lucid thought, good behavior) when they have a steady supply of brains. The premise that she starts to inherit the desires of the consumed brains sounds a little Quantum Leap ish but the art of Mike Allred will probably be enough to carry the title regardless.

War of the Supermen #1
For all you Clark Kent fans out there that are not happy with the relatively minor role he had in Blackest Night here’s your very own mini series. Two years in the making General Zod of New Krypton is taking 100,000 of his super entourage and attacking Earth. The entire event will take place over the course of 100 minutes, the ballpark length of a good action movie coincidentally. It makes me wonder if Zod was bummed that Nekron really pooped the bed?

Batman and Robin #12
Big promises from issue twelve. The Domino conspiracy is dragged into the light. A “fan favorite” character returns. I hope it’s actually Bruce Wayne and not some minor Morrison-created character. I think I’m going to try to power through issues 1-11 (yes, even the Flamingo issues) before I read 12. This will either be the firecracker finale to a great Batman run or yet another polarizing Morrison story.

Astonishing Spider-Man Wolverine #1
Back before Deadpool was the new Wolverine this is the kind of title I would expect from Marvel. Making this an “Astonishing” book gives it some very serious shoes to fill after Whedon’s run on X-Men. Peter and Logan have had many team ups in the past but the particularly gruff Logan of the Astonishing books seems a bit too “R” for Spidey’s distinct “PG”. Either way, Adam Kubert is on art duties so if this experiment misses it can’t miss by much.

Brightest Day #1
So, a White Lantern landed, rather unceremoniously, in the middle of a road somewhere. Now, according to DC, heroes will have to stand together more than ever? I can’t imagine a threat more terrifying than billions of reanimated Black Lanterns but that’s just me. Also, some secret binds all the heroes together. I saw the Matrix. I already know it’s totally ‘purpose’.