God of More: New Ghost of Sparta PSP Game Explores Kratos’ Past

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SPOLIER ALERT: Kratos dies at the end of God of War III. He kills himself, because no one else over the course of three console games has been up to the job. Well, even that’s not going to keep Kratos away from your sweaty little fingers.

Sony’s just announced that the rageaholic warrior will be hitting the PSP in the all-new God of War: Ghost of Sparta. The game’s being developed by Ready At Dawn, the same studio that delivered Kratos’ last PSP outing, the well-received Chains of Olympus. Ghost of Sparta’s story picks up right after the first PS2 God of War game. It will show just how Kratos attained the powers of the God of War, while delving more into his tragic past. Sony’s promising a 25% bigger game than Chains of Olympus, with more on-screen enemies and boss battles. Expect to use new weapons and magical powers, too.

This game might be a good reason to revisit your long-neglected PSP when it hits. God of War: Ghost of Sparta should be out later this year.