V EP 10: Chad Dekker, This is All Your Fault

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Season 1, Episode 10: Hearts and Minds

Last night’s V made terrorists out of the Fifth Column resistance, but our heroes’ fall from righteousness wasn’t entirely due to that missile launcher aimed at a V shuttle full of humans. No, this catastrophe falls into the lap of Chad Dekker, the slimy species traitor playing henchmen to V leader Anna.

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Dekker sold out early in the show after Anna “chose” him to be her liaison to the human race. We’re guessing Anna did her homework and knew that Dekker was a fame-hungry weenie of a “journalist,” who would also find her terrifyingly attractive. He’s been on the cusp of suspicion since he teamed up with Anna, but this week, he lied to a priest. And this is how I know that Chad Dekker is doomed.

His betrayal during last night’s episode cemented his place against the anti-V resistance. After Erica, Ryan, Hobbes and Father Jack plot to destroy a V shuttle, Dekker shows up inside Jack’s chapel, prodding him with more questions about the so-called Fifth Column. He lies to Jack, telling him that he wants into the resistance campaign, but Jack stays mum. Still, when Dekker brags about his all-access V pass, Father Jack is compelled to warn him to stay off of the V-only shuttles. What’s a bad guy to do but tell the enemy everything he’s just learned? Right?

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As soon as Anna switched the shuttle from V-only to humans-only, Dekker sealed his fate as one very soon-to-be dead d-bag. Think about those who have walked the double-crosser’s path before him: Lando, that chick from Raiders of the Lost Ark, Brutus…

After a fall from good, there are very few ways your story can wrap up: 1. Redemption by sacrifice or perilous danger. 2. Death. 3. Becoming the leader of a new breed of evil, but let’s just say that it’s safe to rule this option out.

So what will it be Chad Dekker? Saving the day or death? In an interview, executive producer Scott Rosebaum told TV Guide that “the fun of the season is Chad’s ultimate realization that he was duped. Anna is going to end up having a noose around his neck. You should worry about Chad Dekker.”

With only two episodes left before the finale, I don’t think the writers have time to completely redeem Chad Dekker and let him live. Think about it.

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