AT&T Extends iPhone Exclusivity, Verizon Shut Out, Says Analyst

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Sorry to dash your hopes, Verizon customers, but you probably won’t be getting the iPhone this year. Why? Well, according to Brian Marshall, an analyst at BroadPoint AmTech, AT&T finagled a new deal (only for six extra months) with Apple by cutting data plans for in half to lock in the iPad. But Marshall doesn’t necessarily have the best track record. He’s a bit too waffley for me.

He was in the same boat as everyone else when the whole of the Internet believed AT&T would give up exclusive rights to the iPhone this summer. Now he believes Verizon won’t get the iPhone until the first quarter of 2011. How did he come to that conclusion? According to his sources, Verizon was supposed to lock in the iPad, which never happened.

So pardon me for not giving into the hype on this one. But then again, I was told late last year that Verizon would be getting the iPhone in June. Maybe this fall?

[via CW]