Panel of the Week 5/5/10

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Welcome back to the Panel of the Week! We’ve got broken timelines, broken coffins, and broken shields. Not to mention occult Mexican wrestlers and pouty thunder gods. In short, we’ve got the emotional spectrum covered, behold!

Astonishing Spider-Man Wolverine #1
This is the opening shot for Marvel’s Heroic Age? We’ll get into this book more over in the Comic Book Club so I’ll just talk about this villain reveal for now. That is a robotic Devil Dinosaur. The first 21 pages of this book was Adam Kubert doing what he does best: drawing beards on heroes. It goes from Wolverine slicing up actual Neanderthals to an episode of Ben 10 in one page. If you turned this page fast enough you might think this was a Pokemon ad.

Hellboy in Mexico
I was first introduced to the art of Richard Corben in the Batman: Black and White compendium. More recently he’s done some Conan work which was also gorgeous. Now he’s drawing luchadores in 1950’s Mexico and once again, I’m sure this is the genre Corben was born to draw. I might actually like Corben more than Mignola on Hellboy. Can I say that?

New Ultimates #2
Dammit Loeb! Is nothing sacred? Is it not enough that we have to listen to Cap’s miserable internal monologue about being corrupted by modern society that we need a screaming neon metaphor like a broken unbreakable shield?

I, Zombie #1
Again, we’re going to discuss this book further in Comic Book Club this week but no way could I leave this panel off the list. Mike Allred has a very distinct, clean style. Almost vintage, he uses elements like half tone dot patterns to great effect. But then he goes and draws this half zombie face with inspired detail. Of course, this isn’t his first zombie female character. Remember Dead Girl of former X-Statix fame?

Avengers the Origin #2
I read this panel in the voice of Eric Cartman. Screw you guys.