Entertainment Roundup: Hollywood for Geeks

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Yay! Iron Man 2 opens today.


Mission Impossible 4: It’s been confirmed. Brad Bird will direct the fourth film.

[via Slash Film]

Sorry Tropic Thunder fans: But it looks like there are no plans in the works for a sequel. Iron Man says so.

[via MTV]

Will Pac-Man hit the big screen? Possibly. Producer Avi Arad is set to announce a new Pac-Man “project” next month during E3, where a 30th birthday party for the iconic game will be taking place.

[via Slash Film]

Bad guy news: Toby Jones is set to play evil Nazi villain Arnim Zola in upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger, opposite Chris Evans.

[via Collider]

Planet of the Apes: FOX announced that prequel Rise of the Apes will hit screens June 24, 2011.

[via Collider]

New The Last Airbender posters:

[via MTV Splash Page]

Scarlett Johansson wants to be an Avenger:

[via MTV Splash Page]

Those LOST guys probably won’t have problems finding jobs: LOST vet Kevin Durand will sign on for two sci-fi flicks produced by Dreamworks, set to start shooting this summer. One, I Am Number Four, is a film about a group of aliens who escape their planet-in-peril to hide out on Earth disguised as high school students. (See: Roswell.) The second is Real Steel, which includes – wait for it – robot boxing.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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