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Friday, May 7, 2010

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the web. (And by “what else” we mean aside from Iron Man 2.)

This is cute: The first Archie comic ever is online. Check out more here. Archie went by Chick?

[via Geek Orthodox]

Men in Black lll: The third film is set to open in theaters on May 25, 2012. Both Barry Sonnenfeld and Will Smith have signed on, but Sony is still in discussion with Tommy Lee Jones.

[via Slash Film]

Can’t keep a good vamp down: Vampire show Moonlight is being resurrected by The CW to run along side The Vampire Diaries this summer. The series, which originally aired on CBS in 2007 will premiere in reruns starting June 3rd, just in time for True Blood hoopla.

[via L.A. Times]

Mark your calendars for Aug. 24: TITANIC 2. Yep.

[via Slash Film]

Speaking of vampires: Here’s the first image of Matt Reeves’ Let Me In, a remake of the Swedish Let the Right One In, featuring Chole Moretz (aka Hit Girl).

[via Dread Central]

Your Daily Dinosaur:

[via The Daily What]

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