A Fleeting Glimpse of a Deformed Big-Screen Hector Hammond

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Finally, we get a glimpse of one of the biggest puzzle pieces of the big-screen Green Lantern universe.

We had known for a while now that Peter Sarsgaard had been cast to play Hector Hammond – the Ferris Aircraft employee who walks through the wreckage of a crashed alien ship and comes back with a supercharged brain and a seriously deranged face. He’s the mutated foe of Hal Jordan.

But up until today, we had no idea how Hector would make the transition to the DC/Warner Bros. epic. Then Sky Showbiz ran with a pic of Sarsgaard walking to work, in full makeup. And, as you can see above, this is a Green Lantern that means business.

That is one freaky looking foe, and if the rest of the Green Lantern production is as committed as what we see here, we are in for a real treat!

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