Lost Zombies Network Gathers Proof: ‘Mother F—ing Zombies Are Real’

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Welcome to ‘Zombie of the Week,’ folks, where each week we’ll present you with a different brain-eating member of the undead that has captured our fancy. There is no methodology to our Zombie Awesomeness meter, just our own piqued interests. Got a zombie we should see? Comment below. No zombie is too small, too short-lived, or too gross.

Yeah, they are.

Lost Zombies, a zombie-centric social network, is enlisting zombie lovers, haters and slayers everywhere in hopes to create the first online community generated zombie documentary.

“Ooo, but how can I help, Allie?”

Glad you asked, fictional reader.

The site’s asking for 30-second zombie films, the best of which will be complied into the film. The shorts must be shot in first person (Think: Blair Witch) and music’s not allowed, which pretty much cans my 30-second zombie musical idea. (See the rest of the guidelines here.)

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

The greatest part of the site lies in its Zombie Apocalypse Timeline, which explains that the origin of the zombie epidemic stemmed from The Super Flu in early 2007, after which those infected proved immune to all vaccines. My favorite entry tells of the first zombie sighting on record:

“On September 8th 2007 a 911 call is placed from a mobile phone somewhere in Northern California. The person making the call claims that he is at a pharmaceutical testing facility where they are testing Campion Virus treatments. The caller claims that some of the patients have died and are attacking people. The 911 operator asks if the patients are dead or are attacking to which the caller responds, “both.” This is the first recorded case of zombie behavior resulting from the Campion Virus.”

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The first major city to fall is Las Vegas (makes sense to me) and the virus spreads outward from there, but things take a turn from classic zombie lore from there. According to the Timeline, the present day is a world where the virus has reached its final mutation, and is transferred only by bite. Here’s what we know about the Campion Virus:

“Take over of the body by the Campion Virus does not always result in death, meaning that a living person infected with the Campion virus can turn to a Zombie without dying. These are called Runners. They do not possess problem solving skills or the ability to communicate. They do however possess most of the physical skills they had prior to turning, meaning they can run in most cases. Those individuals who turn after death are slow moving zombies. Present day survivors have spread out across the globe. You are one of them. Tell us your story.”

It’s fan fiction meets role play en masse – I love it.