MSI to Show Slatebook in June?

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MSI, you know you can’t name something a “slatebook,” right? It’s either a slate or a notebook! Aw, what the hell. Do whatever you want. Crazy kids.

DigiTimes is reporting that MSI “will showcase a tablet PC, the MSI Slatebook, based on Intel’s mobile internet device (MID) platform at Computex 2010,” the collective futuregasm held in Taiwan June 1-6.

The tablet will apparently use Intel’s latest Menlow-series chipset, feature a 10.1-inch screen, contain both 3G and Wi-Fi chips, and be priced at under $500. MSI is no stranger to ultraportable computing, with its relatively popular “Wind” series of netbooks and its super light X-Slim series of low-voltage notebooks paving the way for the company’s foray into the tablet market.

Apparently the company “is also considering a tablet PC based on Nvidia’s Tegra 2 platform and will evaluate market demand before preceding with the launch.” Finally, MSI’s e-book reader project has reportedly been put on hold but some of those e-book features may come baked in to the Slatebook.