3D Marvel: Is Captain America the Next Avatar?

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Who knew that Iron Man 2 came this close to being in 3D?

I, for one, loved the fact that I didn’t need to put on any glasses to see Tony Stark strut his stuff, or Iron Man fly his way between exploding fireworks. But apparently Marvel came very close to rushing Iron Man 2 into a 3D framework just prior to its opening weekend.

“The [Marvel] team has been doing a lot of research into 3-D processes, and we’re looking at it on future films when we have the time,” Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige told the Los Angeles times. “We will be doing it at some point.”

Hm. “We will be doing it at some point” leads every follower of Marvel to wonder: Thor or First Avenger: Captain America, the next Marvel titles on the horizon? Thor is already in production, so it would have to be a 2D-to-3D smash job in post-production. Given the talent assembled to handle Thor, let’s all start praying right now that they leave well enough alone. (More at Techland: Sci-fi sexy time!)

But First Avenger has yet to start filming, so that’s where I’m putting my money on Marvel switching to 3D. It could be a movie authored in 3D, created using the ideal equipment, storyboarded from the start with a 3D POV. What Avatar did for 3D environments, First Avenger could do for 3D superheroes.

Now I know there’s been some backlash about 3D, given what we saw in the underwhelming Clash of the Titans and in the too-dark-to-be-dazzling Alice in Wonderland. But there’s no reason to think that filmmakers can’t find a way to make superhero adventures into compelling 3D drama. What do you think? Should they rush Thor? Take their time with First Avenger? Leave well enough alone?

Would you have liked to see Iron Man 2 in 3D?

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