Panel of the Week 5/12/10

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Siege is over and its death toll rings with ‘asplosions of both characters and helicarriers. Cave-bats discovers that no matter what year it is he still has to make the donuts. Emma frost continues her campaign for eating disorders and Bullseye is even crazier than you thought. All this and more in Panel of the Week!

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1
For some reason I was sure that caveman Batman was going to be not very much fun. Bruce Wayne broken down to his most instinctual turned out to be a fun ride. Sure, it was a little straight forward for a Morrison affair but I think I like giant bat carcass better than the modern cape and cowl. If the idea is still to scare criminals well then mission accomplished. I mean check out this guy, he’s so scared he’s gone straight past poop-your-pants-scared to Scooby Doo-scared.

PunisherMAX #7
Writer Jason Aaron is getting loose with Bullseye. He is usually written as a fairly open psychopath but here he is Joker-level looney toons. Detached, violent, but always following the plan the Bullseye of the MAX universe is a true wild card. Simply because only he knows the plan.

Siege #4
There is only one thing that I’m going to miss about the Sentry/Void, his predilection to dispatch his enemies with the violent and messy ‘Ripsplode’ maneuver. Seen first in the pages of the New Avengers when he flew Carnage into space and Ripsploded him. Then of course, his now famous finishing off of the God of War, Ares. And now in one of his last acts on Earth the Void ‘splodes Loki. I feel pretty confident that we’ll see all three again.

Dark Avengers #16
This confirms it. Deodato should only be drawing non-human characters. I suspected this when I saw what a cool Man-Thing he renders but seeing his imaginary Goblin I have no more doubts. I’m not thrilled he’s drawing the Secret Avengers but at least I never have to see him butcher the Iron Patriot armor ever again. Ever.

Astonishing X-Men Xenogenesis #1
In a long history of drawing Emma Frost in a gratuitous fashion I think we finally have a winner. The entirety of this first issue is basically the team gearing up in civvies and flying to Africa to investigate potential mutant births. For most of that flight Emma is squeezing her sweater kittens over, around, and between the seats of the x-jet. I suppose it’s in character but, yes, we SEE them.

Siege Fallen Sun
In the crap-I-can’t-believe-I-paid-money-for category, here’s a panel from Siege Fallen Sun. I obviously didn’t flip through this issue in the shop or I might have seen Thor slow dancing with the Sentry’s mom. Oh well, at least it’s better than Tony Stark droning on, again, about how a situation mirrors his now historic drinking problem. No one cares, Tony.