It’s a Scenic Painting! It’s a Cell Phone Jammer! It’s Both!

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Oh man, this Painting Cell Phone Jammer is perfect for so many things. Hate cell phones? Painting Cell Phone Jammer. Love beautiful artwork? Painting Cell Phone Jammer. Teenage children bankrupting you via their cell phone bill? Painting Cell Phone Jammer. You get the idea.

I love beautiful boat-inspired artwork and pranks, so that’s my reason for getting this. I also love $150 and can’t stand to part with it, so that’s why I’m not actually getting this. But if you get it, let us all know how well it works.

According to the product description, it can jam “GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS, and 3G signals – separately or all at once!” It’s got an 80 meter (250+ feet) radius and comes with a remote control.

via Nerd Approved