Comics on Our Pull List 5/19/10

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Who likes brand new eras (not brand new days, easy)? Who’s down for some 31st century superhero shenanigans? Well then we’ve got the week for you. Here are five of the books we’re looking forward to tomorrow. As always look out for Panel of the Week and Douglas’ Emanata later this week.

Legion of Super-Heroes #1
You know what I was just thinking to myself? You know what DC needs as a head scratching cherry on top of its multiverse, multi-canon, multi-ring sunday? It needs the resurrection of a book based 1,000 years in the future. That won’t confuse anyone. Alumni Legion writer Paul Levits is back so maybe it will be new reader friendly after all.

Invincible Iron Man #26
The Hammer girls continue to be the least threatening of enemies. I suppose they are conniving but if they are bringing a parade float to an armor fight they better think again. Detroit Steel is the name for the outlandish pile of armor plating and star spangle developed by Hammer industries. Are we supposed to think it’s going to be a match for Tony Stark? He sweats armor, literally.

Walking Dead #72
There’s been nary a disaster for something like three issues. That’s as long a stretch as we, the zombie nation, can tolerate. Previews hint that it will be the emotionally and physically devastated Michonne that will rock the boat. However, I would love it if Rick couldn’t take all the quite and revved up the Mystery Wagon to go poke in some dark corners just for something to do.

Avengers #1
Ok, here we go. Heroic Age. Yes. I’m ready. I’m ready for Cap to put on the ceremonial eye patch and ask every single character in the Marvel Universe if he or she would like to be an Avenger. This is Bendis though, so I’m not expecting much, if anything at all, to happen in issue number one of his next seven year arc.

DC Universe Legacies #1
Speaking of undecipherable continuity, DC has deigned to throw the unwashed a bone. If you were wondering why half the characters in Blackest Night were dead and/or important maybe this series will be for you. Promising to span five generations of heroes this ten part series could be very interesting. Bonus: art by the Kubert family and J.G. Jones makes this the Issue Number One for the week.

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