The New Terminator? Bruce Willis Signs Up For ‘Looper’

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If you’ve seen the quirky, high school film noir Brick, then no doubt you’ve remembered the name of its creative, genre-smashing director: Rian Johnson.

Brick was so inventive, so arresting, that for even those who considered the whole teenage femme fatale thing to be a gimmick, they still took stock that this was a filmmaker worth watching.

Well next up for Johnson was the whirlwind slapstick con-artist comedy The Brothers Bloom, which approximately no one saw. A pity, because the film was a whole lot funnier than the mis-designed ads may have indicated. (More at Techland: The Hottest Sci-Fi Moms)

So it was little surprise that when Johnson announced his next title was going to be a sweeping sci-fi spectacle, Hollywood paid attention. The name of the film is Looper, the conceit is that hitmen send their marks back through time in order to kill them (sort of like a reverse Terminator concept), and Deadline is now reporting that Bruce Willis has joined the party.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – of 500 Days of Summer fame – had already been cast to play a key assassin at a younger age, and apparently Willis will play the same assassin further down the timeline. I’m assuming they tag-team responsibilities, using the time machine to disorient their prey.

With some serious acting talent now attached to this head-spinning concept, and an A-list director who has already proven his creative heft, you might as well just add Looper right now to your list of projects worth monitoring.

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