LOST S06E16 E-mail Chain: Jackob

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Allie “Still Has No Idea What’s Going On” Townsend: Ana Lucia! I’ve missed you! You’re a corrupt cop now? Huh. Okay.

I think Jacob said one of the most meaningful lines of the entire series last night when he tells Kate that the names were just chalk on a wall. They don’t mean anything. I think that may be a big clue here that we’re just not going to get answers for so many of the things we thought were intricate details of overarching plots.

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Graeme “The Authority” McMillan: Wasn’t Ana Lucia always a corrupt cop?

I was happy to see the return of Miles, Ben and Richard, even though their mission turned out to be more of the “Let’s get them offscreen for a few weeks” variety than the “It has any importance to the plot” strain. Did the Smoke Monster kill Richard? If so: Hell of a disappointing way to go.

Also disappointing was Ben’s submissive attitude to Fake Locke: I

loved the idea that he’d pretend to go along with him in order to see Widmore dead (And Widmore’s “Jacob came to see me and I changed my mind and please don’t ask what I was up to before because the writers aren’t going to explain it” also falls into the disappointing bucket, while I’m at it), but I’d rather see a scheming Ben than the broken “Whatever you say” one we got last night.

Jack becoming the new Jacob felt anti-climactic, but at least we got to see that Jacob was a douche right up until the end. “I want you to have a choice,” he said, before making it clear that the choice was “One of you does this, or it’s the end of the world.” I’m worried that the “names are just chalk on a wall” thing and the “I chose you because you were like me… You needed this place as much as I needed you” explanation is as much explanation as we’re ever going to get for the numbers, etc., which… doesn’t really work for me, to be honest.

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I think you’re right, that that scene was the writers saying “Yeah, this is it.” The scene between Alt. Locke and Alt. Jack discussing their repeated meetings took on a deeper meaning, in that light, with Alt. Jack telling Locke (and us, perhaps) “I think you’re mistaking coincidence for fate.” If they’re going to argue that the numbers are just coincidence – and I think that might be where they’re heading – then that’ll be a massive letdown.

Mike “Jackob” Williams: Ok whisper it in my ear? Really? If it wasn’t obvious enough that this is the second to last episode the writers have characters whispering things in each others ears?

Or how about when Whidmore was about to tell Ben why Desmond is so important but at that exact moment his scientist crony chick calls in with the walkie talkie. It’s like an SNL skit at this point. I’m putting the big mysteries of Lost on the same plate as Pat the androgynous character played by Julia Sweeney. You’ll never know, ha ha!

I was actually OK with Jacob’s explanation for why he chose the Losties and more specifically why Kate was crossed off the list.

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GM: You’re a less harsh man than I, in that case.

I thought the “whisper in my ear” thing was ridiculous, yeah. But not as ridiculous as the “Desmond is my failsafe and, oh yeah, he can destroy the island, as well.” At this point, is there anything Desmond CAN’T do? Besides, of course, get Penny to show up. Guess FlashForward is keeping her too busy.

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