Apple Now Accepts Cash For iPads

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Apple’s longstanding credit-only policy has been reversed thanks to Diane Campbell. San Francisco’s local ABC news affiliate went live with Campbell’s plea to Steve Jobs to “give a sister a break” after she was denied the sale of an iPad with cash. The policy was set in place to deter would-be resellers from turning around and selling the iPads for a profit elsewhere. Fair enough.

That all changed as of yesterday. Apple will now accept cash for iPads if you set up your Apple account at the store. In other words, that iPad you just purchased won’t be BNIB when you go to sell it on Craigslist or eBay. Clever.

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Why didn’t Campbell go to Best Buy? There’s one on the other side of the 101 across from Palo Alto next to the Ikea and Home Depot. Do they have a no cash policy on iPads?

Anyway, Apple felt so badly that she couldn’t purchase an iPad that they brought one over to her house free of charge.

[via ABC 7]

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