Panel of the Week 5/19/10

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It’s time for Panel of the Week where we take the most notable scenes from this weeks comic releases and swing the magnifying glass over them. This week Avengers relaunched with volume four which basically means the Marvel U relaunched. Brightest Day continued putting out another book full of disjointed back up tales. The Ultimate universe spiraled further in mediocrity but good news for vampire fans because American Vampire is still solid gold. Here we go, we have sundered faces, skulls en feugo, wee little egg bombs, and the best morning after story since Raaaaaaaandy.

Avengers #1
That thing in Kang’s hand is a doomsday device. It will be invented by future Tony. As much as I loathe time travel plot lines I have a similar pet peeve about sci-fi tech that might as well be magic. This is one of the reasons I liked Battlestar, they used projectile guns. The Avengers is not off to a good start for me. Child heroes and time travel. Do not want.

Ultimate Avengers 2 #2
Ok Millar, isn’t the point of a secret black ops squad to take out political targets? Or even just targets that would require too much spin to cover up? Why then would you put the black ops guys on taking out the Ghost Rider? Isn’t that varsity squad stuff? You’re lucky Yu draws one hell of a flaming skull.

American Vampire #3
I’m a little disappointed in seeing the first story in this series going the route of the revenge tale. I was much more interested to see the tutelage of Pearl by Master Sweet. But then Pearl starts ripping faces off and I think maybe she can handle herself. This new world versus old world vampire feud sort of reminds me of Deacon Frost from the Blade franchise. That was the only good movie in that series so maybe that bodes well.

Brightest Day #2
Speaking of ripping faces off. The recent resurrection of the Martian Man Hunter seems to have sparked the worst Rock Band party of all time.

Iron Man #26
The next time your cubicle mate strolls in on Monday morning asking you about your weekend just so he can regale you with the zaniness he was up to in the previous 48 you just remember how Tony Stark throws down. You remember and you put Carl and his hilarious bottle service mixup in the right category.