Transformers Overhaul: Megan Fox Gets Fired, Shia Vows Better Threequel

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There’s been a whole lot of Transformers news in recent days – all of it shockingly good.

First, there were the quotes from Shia LaBeouf at the Cannes Film Festival, basically admitting that Transformers 2 kinda sucked; saying that it went for big action and in the process forgot all about any notion of humanity.

Good job Shia; the first step is recognizing the problem.

The next slice of news broke Wednesday, when word started swirling online of a major casting change. Shia had promised something better the third time around – and apparently Michael Bay decided to follow through on that promise, because Deadline broke with the news that Megan Fox, the single worst part of Transformers, would be leaving the franchise. (More at Techland: 18 Android Apps to Get You Started)

Yes, the same Megan Fox who said Bay was a nightmare to work with; the same Megan Fox who brought nothing to the Transformers party other than a big ego and short shirts

Anyone who saw the last two Transformers would have to agree that this is a wise move. There are plenty of beautiful actresses in Hollywood who actually dare to be talented as well, who can bring something to the table that actually adds to the CGI robots and a fidgety Shia LeBeouf.

Not that Fox was to be humiliated. Her people quickly leapt into action, announcing via People Magazine that it was she who had made the decision to quit the franchise. To walk away from the most iconic role of her career – from the role that earned her the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Clearly the Fox camp is in full-fledged damage control. But for the first time in about a year, I’m starting to have some faith that maybe Transformers 3 could actually get us back to some of the creative, crazy fun of the first edition. Hard decisions were made, and it’s clear that Bay and LaBeouf are moving forward. And Fox is, well, being Fox.

Maybe the next one could actually be good.


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