Treason! Captain America Movie Ditches America

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Well here’s some less than patriotic news about one of our most patriotic superheroes.

Captain America, which was originally set to be filmed – in possible 3D – in Los Angeles is now going to be filmed in London.

The reason? Tax breaks.

Take a moment now, and really think about that irony: Captain America is fleeing to Britain because of lower taxes. The same country that taxed Americans so much that we spun off our own nation. And all because Marvel Studios says that tough financial times call for extreme measures. (More at Techland: Sci-fi sexy time)

I’m sure when the movie finally screens, with all the computer effects put into place, it will look just like an America tale through and through. And I definitely understand Marvel’s explanation, that it didn’t make much sense to split up the filming locations, and that it looked to be far more difficult to replicate London on a computer screen.

But still: Are there any other film franchises out there with clearer ties to America? That more obviously should be filmed right here, in the continental 48? And for that matter: Is there nothing to be said for a sense of place? Audiences could tell that Rocky was indeed made in Philly. You could feel the pulse of old time New York in The Godfather, and older New York in Godfather Part II. You were burnt by the heat of Los Angels in Heat.

So yeah, I’d prefer an America-based Captain America. In fact, I bet the movie would be better for it, in terms of texture, authenticity and art direction. Join our cause: America for Captain America!

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