LOST S06E17 E-mail Chain: The End

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Allie “Cried When Sawyer Found Juliet” Townsend: Those bastards.

(I kid.) Kind of. So it was purgatory all along. They awoke on the island in purgatory, sent there to protect the barrier between heaven and hell all the while working their way through. Holy Catholicism, Smoke Monster?

Graeme “It was … fine” MacMillan: Y’think? I took it as the island being “real” and the sideways world being a happy purgatory. Except, of course, one where you thought you were someone else until you remembered, got to be happy for a few hours and then went on to a final destination. Which, you know, I’m not sure is that great of a purgatory.

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Mike “Madness!” Williams: Ok, fine. Alt world was purgatory. When did everyone die if the island was real? When did Kate die? When did Sawyer die? When did Hurley die? What was Penny doing in the Church?

Also how many fake rocks can they bounce across a set in one episode? And why the hell would Sawyer jump into that water head first? Madness!

GM: Never mind Penny being in the church – She belonged there, after all,as much as Libby – but why wasn’t Michael there? Or Walt? Or Ana Lucia? Or Mr. Eko? Or Miles? Or Rose and Bernard? I mean, sure, yes: They couldn’t get some of those actors, but still: Apparently only SOME of the castaways were important enough to meet up in purgatory.

The “When did X die?” question really doesn’t bother me; they died in the future, and then appeared in the ever-present “now” of purgatory. That made more sense to me than the idea than the castaways were more important to Jack’s afterlife than his wife or mother.

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MW: Rose and Bernard were in the church, by the way.

So of all the LOSTies, of all the others, of all the people that were on that island only Miles, Lupitas, Kate, Sawyer, Claire and Alpert made it off? Presumably to live the rest of their lives until they died at some point and joined the purgatory party?

Here was some heavy handed symbolism that was completely wasted on me: Sawyer looking into a shattered mirror, Saayid and Shannon sitting off by themselves in the church, a single tattered shoe hanging in the bamboo forest where Jack died. What did any of that mean? I don’t believe, at this point, that a single shot didn’t have specific purpose in this finale.

GM: Clearly, I was too busy going “Hey look, it’s Penny! Who otherwise didn’t really get much of a role this season, and what WAS the deal with her dad and Ben anyway?” to notice Rose and Bernard. Glad they made it, though.

In terms of those who escaped the island: Walt and Aaron, as well, previously. But, yeah, that’s pretty much it.

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(Sawyer’s broken mirror was because THAT REALITY WAS A BROKEN MIRROR AS WELL DO YOU GET IT?!? Or maybe it’s the mirror he smashed Miles into earlier this season, unless that is an entirely fake memory I have invented from my own personal purgatory. I’m with you on the Sayid/Shannon thing, and have to add: The finale’s Shannon reveal made it look as if Shannon was the love of Sayid’s life, which is just… no. I don’t believe that there’s any reason other than Shannon was one of the original Losties and it was fan service that she got that role when it really, really should’ve been Nadia.)

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