Off-Hours CEO E-Mailing Is the New Transparency

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Zuck pulled a Jobs.

80th level tech-blogger Robert Scoble e-mailed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Sunday to ask him why he hadn’t spoken publicly about Facebooks’ various privacy gaffes. Zuckerberg e-mailed him back. Hooray!

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Excerpt Zuckerberg didn’t say anything. Boo. Except “I know we’ve made a bunch of mistakes,” which OK, points for that.

I wonder how far they’re going to take this trend. This stuff is kind of a slippery slope, because it’s a “private” communication that’s obviously carried out for its public relations value — it’s pseudo-private. But it’s not impossible for genuine information, or at least genuine argumentation, to happen in such e-mails. I guess it’s just important to view those exchanges as critically as one would a corporate press release.

Now who dares me to drunk-text Eric Schmidt?

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