Comics on Our Pull List 5/26/10

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Here are five books that I’m looking forward to this week. We have representatives from the relaunching Avengers titles as well as some loose ends from Siege. Bruce jumps forward in time and Clark ends a war. We also have some certifiables going after Hitler. It’s a well rounded week. Check back later to see if any of these stories make our Panel of the Week.

Secret Avengers #1
Moon Knight is finally back in a team title and it has to be drawn by Mike Deodato. There is no justice. Artist quibbles aside this is still a Brubaker joint so at least this team won’t be teaming up with the Next Avengers. The mix of heroes is interesting enough that team building will be sticky. This is going to require some strong writing to make this sing.

Thor #610
For some reason I thought this fight was going to be last issue but for real this time it’s going to be Thor vs Android Thor. I love Thor fights because I feel like he skips the BS and just goes straight to giant overhead hammer/lightning strike. And as Hawkeye recently remarked this is the way it should be. I’m completely ready to pay $4 for a 22 page Thor-off.

Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #2
When we last saw Bruce he had leaped into what appears to be Puritan era New England. Hopefully this will mean we get to see Morrison take on some classic witch trials. Maybe Batman will swoop in to save some poor woman about to be burned at the stake. He will, of course, be sporting some new cape and cowl instantly scaring the collective long underwear off the crowd and further convincing all of them that witchcraft exists.

War of the Supermen #4
Well the solits for this issue ask the question can Superman save either Earth or New Krypton. New Krypton already went blammo so that one’s out. I guess the money line is just down to the blue marble. Supes vs Zod should be a good show. So far the pacing on this series has been very quick and despite some uninspiring art I’ve picked up all four issues (including FCBD #0). I’m ready for some old fashioned day-saving.

7 Psychopaths #1
For this week’s Issue Number One I’m going to go with a little alternate history. In this WW2 tale the Allies apparently employ seven nutjobs to assassinate Hitler. I’m on board with that. Bonus: art duties are handled by Sean Phillips of Criminal and Incognito fame.