We All Spent Roughly 4.8 Million Hours Playing Google Pac-Man

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Apparently we all caught Pac-Man Fever last Friday which is just as serious, if not more serious, than Cat Scratch Fever. It’s nowhere near as serious as a fever wherein the only prescription is more cowbell, but it’s still serious.

The time management experts over at RescueTime.com calculated that over 4.8 million hours were spent playing Google Pac-Man on Friday. It’s actually not as bad as it sounds once you break down the numbers.

Apparently the “average Google user spends only 4 and a half active minutes on Google search per day” and last Friday when Google’s playable Pac-Man logo was released to the world, that time average went up by 36 seconds. I believe that’s pretty much exactly how long I played it.

RescueTime also calculated that the total time wasted cost over $120 million, assuming the average Google user makes $25 per hour. That seems like a bit of a stretch considering nobody except Dwight Schrute is capable of being productive for every second of every day. And every workplace worth its salt should require periodic casual gaming breaks for all employees.

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