Who Will Make Up The Toy League Of America?

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According to reports, Paramount Pictures are teaming up with Transformers and G.I. Joe manufacturers Hasbro to make a brand specific version of Toy Story called Hasbro Factory, featuring all the toys not good enough to get their own movies. Yes, that’s right: it’s pretty much The Island of Misfit Toys – The Movie.

The strange thing is that the toylines mentioned in Pajiba’s story include those that could easily carry their own movie; I’ll accept that Play-Doh, Lite Brite and Tinker Toys may be a hard sell to audiences, but no-one at Paramount can see the potential in the Cabbage Patch Kids, Mr. Potato Head, My Little Pony or Zoids? Maybe it’s my past growing up reading Zoids comics written by Grant Morrison, but I’d eagerly pay money for a Zoids movie.

Apparently, the movie will take place in a toy factory where the toys come to life at night, a la A Night At The Museum, leading to crossmarketing hi-jinks. As far as toy crossovers go, it’s no G.I. Joe Versus Transformers, but as long as there’s a scene where the Zoids and My Little Ponies get into some kind of codependent relationship and create the first official cyborg MLP, then I’ll be happy.

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