Live Blog: Facebook’s New Privacy Changes

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Facebook is all set to roll out its “simpler” privacy changes after this month’s backlash over the amount of user data that is available through the site. I’ll be live blogging the press conference here, set to begin at 10:30 a.m. PST (1:30 p.m. ET). Hit refresh to update.

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It’s starting. I’m going to miss this classical hold music. It was pretty joyous.

Zuckerberg is speaking about the feedback. Called it “intense.” He’s talking about information sharing and giving users control over what they share.

This is all I can see:

He’s talking about the evolution of Facebook since 2004. Commenting on how everyone hated Newsfeed, chat or the opening of the site to anyone, not just students.

Per Newsfeed, he’s talking about the privacy in regards to Newsfeed and platform apps, which could go in and use the information they chose. Now they’ll unveil granular permissions over the next few months. Platform apps will now have to ask permission for specific pieces of information. It’s not as simple, but it will protect you from unknowingly sharing too much information.

It’ll look like this:

He’s chatting more about the evolution of Facebook’s privacy:

1. Friends

2. Regional networks

3. The information that is available to everyone. (Photo, College, Name, Mutual Friends)

He’s giving us a Facebook History lesson, complete with PowerPoint presentation. (zzz…)

He says he’s changed the Pages feature. He’s trying to explain why they did it in the first place. To connect you with other users with similar interests. (I’m wondering if anyone really uses Facebook to find other people who really like ice-cream?) “What we were trying to do got lost.”

He’s saying that the settings are too complex and hard to use. “A lot of people like granular controls. We’re not taking those away.” But he realizes that people aren’t sharing as much.

“The feedback we got back from users really resonated with us.” Wow.

Here it is: One control only

One page for all of your privacy controls. Now, default settings will be set at Friends of Friends.

They’ve also updated the basic directory settings. (i.e. “How to find you” stuff.) They’re going back to privacy in your basic settings. You don’t need to share all of your basic information. He’s explaining that he wants people to be able to find you on the site, and that’s why they were pushing to make it public.

Other big change is coming for platform. You are able to turn apps to “off” which means that apps cannot go in and use your information. (Remember, even friends’ apps can use your information if you share it with them.) Now, you’re able to block apps from having access to your profile, but granular controls will still exist as well.

They’ve revamped the privacy guide, “simplified it.” Will roll out everything in the next two weeks. They’ll begin posting an announcement to the top of homepages to help people understand the new privacy changes.

That’s all folks. Not sure if I think these changes will impact much, but we’ll play around and talk some more about it later on.