Wii2HDMI Adapter Simplifies Wii HDMI Output

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Sure, the Wii doesn’t need HDMI output but there’s something about the simplicity of a single-cable connection from your console to your TV that’s very appealing. Hooking stuff up with five component cables or even three composite cables seems so archaic nowadays.

If you’ve been longing to connect your Wii to your HDTV via HDMI and have $40 burning a hole in your pocket, this Wii2HDMI adapter looks to be about as simple as it gets. The thumb drive-sized apparatus plugs into the Wii on one end and features an HDMI output port on the other. You won’t get that elusive HD resolution that some Wii owners have been asking about for a while, but you’ll enjoy a little 480p action nonetheless.

via OhGizmo!

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