Is ABC Really Hoping To Reboot Alias?

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With Lost barely finished, you’d think that ABC would want to take a break from serialized geek-friendly shows for awhile, especially following the cancellation of FlashForward and failure of Happy Town. A new rumor suggests just the opposite, however, saying that the alphabet network are so desperate for a new Lost that they’re looking to revisit a JJ Abrams project that predated the island drama.

E! Online is reporting that “a reliable insider” at ABC has revealed that the network is discussing rebooting Abrams’ 2001-2006 spy series with an all-new cast that would “borrow some elements” from the original show, but likely jettison the more complex Rimbaldi mythology that overwhelmed the series in later seasons. Talks are said to be in “very initial” stages, but I’d hope they’d take into consideration that next season will see three variations on the Alias concept: NBC’s returning Chuck (complete with spy family!), as well as the CW’s reboot of Nikita and JJ Abrams’ own new spy series, Undercovers. Also, shouldn’t there be a rule about waiting at least five years before rebooting a relatively successful series?

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