Poll: Funny or Gritty? What Should Insomniac Games Do Next?

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Yesterday, the news broke that Insomniac Games would be pairing up with EA to develop a new game that’d be appearing on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Insomniac’s been turning out high-quality games–Spyro the Dragon (yes, Spyro. I said it), Ratchet & Clank and Resistance–for more than a decade. But all those games lived on the Playstation console of their respective eras so the news that they’d be developing for the 360 has considerable impact.

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Similar to the recent Bungie/Activision deal, Insomniac will be retaining all rights to the intellectual property of their next project. Basically, that means that they (not EA) get to negotiate any movies, comics or TV deals that may come their way. I’ve always thought that the R&C series would be a great kids entertainment franchise so if whatever’s next has as much flair and brilliance and humor as R&C, someone should snatch it up.

But the main thing I thought about while watching Ted Price talk was what kind of game would we be getting next from Insomniac. The Ratchet & Clank games offer up a wacky mix of third-person combat and puzzle-solving while the Resistance series specialized in gritty first-person combat in an alternate reality. So, what do you think, Techland readers?

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