Preview: Alan Moore and Alan Davis’s D.R. & Quinch

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Back in 1983, Alan Moore and Alan Davis created a one-off, six-page story for the British weekly comic book 2000 A.D.: “D.R. & Quinch Have Fun On Earth,” in which a pair of alien juvenile delinquents (who bore a certain resemblance to National Lampoon‘s “O.C. & Stiggs”) wreak havoc with time travel. (You can read that original story at the BBC’s site, of all places.) As one of its characters put it, that story was “totally amazing and well-written and everything”; it was such a hit that D.R. and Quinch went on to star in a series of excellent Moore/Davis stories over the next few years, and Davis and Jamie Delano revived them for some gag strips a few years later.

This spring, Rebellion is launching a series of graphic novels in the U.S. collecting 2000 A.D. material by Moore, Davis, Brian Bolland, Kevin O’Neill and others. One of the first, coming in mid-June, will be The Complete D.R. & Quinch–the first time in decades that this material has been published in America, featuring a new cover by Davis. Here’s a sampling of pages from “D.R. & Quinch Have Fun On Earth,” “D.R. & Quinch Go Straight” and “D.R. & Quinch Go to Hollywood.”

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