Is Microsoft’s Zune Pass Too Expensive?

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In an interview with Bloomberg, senior product manager for Zune Terry Farrell apparently hinted that Microsoft might lower the price of Zune Pass. There’s no direct quote in the interview from Farrell, so I’m skeptical of whether or not Farrell even hinted at it. The only direct quote from Farrell mentions how challenging the space is with competitors like Rhapsody and Apple.

NPD numbers were for the first quarter of 2010 say Zune’s market share is a mere 2% compared to Apple’s 76% of the digital music player space. This could change, however, once Windows Phone 7 devices begin to roll out later this year. The KIN platform, which launched earlier this month, has the Zune software built-in as well as Zune Pass integration.

As it stands, Zune Pass costs $15/month for unlimited streaming and 10 downloadable tracks. If Microsoft decides to slash prices to, let’s say, $10/month, would you opt in? What about $5/month?