DC Universe Reclaims Swamp Thing, Begins To Unravel Vertigo?

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DC Comics’ Vertigo line may be about to lose the character that started it all, as rumors claim that Swamp Thing will soon be returning to the mainstream superhero DC Universe line.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that Swamp Thing is just one of a number of characters that will be returning to the core DC line after the decision was made on the publishing level that any Vertigo character who originated in the DC Universe can be taken away from the Vertigo line at any point (This decision has, for example, apparently killed China Mieville’s partially-completed Swamp Thing series). Interestingly enough, a list of such characters would include not just Swamp Thing, but also Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and associated characters, as well as Hellblazer‘s John Constantine and Shade The Changing Man, amongst others.

This isn’t the first time the DCU line has taken characters back from Vertigo; both Doom Patrol and Animal Man have returned from time in the mature readers line to headline their own DCU series (Countdown To Adventure and Doom Patrol, respectively), and Zatanna has repeatedly crossed between imprints in the last decade or so.

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