Mario Kart RC Cars Let You Virtually Shoot Other Players

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Hot damn. This remote control Mario Kart set not only lets you race your favorite characters around on your kitchen floor, but the controllers feature built-in virtual projectiles and power-ups in the form of shells, banana peels, mushrooms, stars, and more.


The karts apparently have built-in sensors, so when you get hit from another player’s shell, for instance, your kart will vibrate and slow down. I’d guess that activating a mushroom or star would give you a little speed boost, too, but hard as I try, I just can’t seem to be able to read Japanese.

They’ll be available from Amazon’s Japan site on June 19th for around $30 each. Hopefully they’ll make their way stateside sooner or later. Better start working on that real-life replica of Rainbow Road just to be on the safe side.

via Newlaunches

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