Color 13-inch E-book Reader Unveiled, Out in December

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A Taiwanese company named Delta Electronics showed off its 13-inch “e-Magazine” recently. The device leverages color electronic paper technology from Bridgestone (yes, the tire company).

It’s not quite the same color representation you’d expect from a proper LCD display. Instead, the reader uses color filtering (CF), which “consists of a thin colored optical filter added to the monochrome technology.” The result is kind of a washed out color image, though it’s color nonetheless.

Battery life is said to be good for about 6,000 page turns and the company says that its screen has faster response time than competing e-book readers. As such, it has included pen-based input as well, claiming “that it is the only maker that is able to provide real pen input on the market.”

The 13-inch e-Magazine weighs in at around a pound and a half and should be available by December, although pricing and availability haven’t been set. We may never see this thing here in the US, but the fact that color e-book technology is starting to take hold is certainly promising.

via SlashGear

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