Comics on Our Pull List 6/3/10

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Mouse Guard Legend of the Guard #1
Ready to leap back into the furry, perilous, and medieval world of Mouse Guard? Creator David Peterson has hand chosen a group of creators to spin some stories about the history of the world that these mice live in. I’m looking forward to it because I love that world but I’m worried that I might only love it through the eyes of Peterson. His artwork specifically had me almost from page one. Did you know there’s a role playing game about this series?

I, Zombie #2
Introductions are out of the way. The stage has been set. It’s time for the Allreds to paint me a beautiful picture of exactly what it’s like being a zombie private investigator. Or something like that. Can’t say I’m interested in knowing more about the were-terrier character but at least he’s original. Well, look at that, we have a preview.

Invincible #72
It’s the rematch with Conquest! The last time these two tangled Mark Grayson hobbled away with three broken limbs and a girlfriend that was dead for a few minutes. Of course, this time around Mark’s got his Dad and Allen the Alien to back him up. If Kirkman stays true to form this issue will be light on the exposition and heavy on the super hero knock down drag out fight panels. I’m looking forward to seeing Ottley draw some zero-g blood spatters.

Brightest Day #3
You know what’s been more gruesome than millions of dead bodies springing to life under the banner of the Black Ring? The events of Brightest Day, that’s what. Following the events of the characters resurrected at the end of Blackest Night this book has been disjointed in jumping between them. The Martian’s story looks the most promising, however, especially after the face ripping episode of last issue.

Avengers Prime #1
My hopes of there being just one Avengers book post-Siege continue to be pooped on with each passing week. In addition to the Avengers, Secret Avengers, New Avengers, and Avengers Academy, we’re going to get Avengers Prime starting this week. Admittedly this is about the Big Three: Tony, Steve, and Thor, so there could finally be room to get some good character work done. I’m going to pick it up but I have real concerns about diluting the Avengers sauce with this many titles. Plus there is always the fact that this is a Bendis issue number one. Bendis-speak alert.