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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the web:

Up front:

New Images of Chris Hemsworth As Thor [via Collider]


AT&T Warns Customer That E-mailing The CEO Will Result In Cease & Desist Letter [via Engadget]
iPad To Help Humans Speak With Dolphins [via Yahoo]
Widget Apps Get The Axe In Latest App Store Purge [via The Apple Blog]
Cycling For Fun And Profit: The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit [via Nokia Conversations]


    The Video Game Solution To The BP Oil Spill [via Kotaku]
    Cory Godbey’s bit and run [via The Daily What]
    IGN To Debut Red Dead Redemption Short Online [via IGN]
    D8 Provides Look At Streaming-Game Service OnLive [via CNET]


      Add Vampire Credit Cards To The Pile Of Disturbing Things Twilight’s Inspired [via io9]
      King Kong Attacks Dodgers Stadium and Santa Monica Beach [via Slash Film]
      The Walking Dead Author Robert Kirkman on His AMC Show, Plus the Worst Idea for a Dead Movie He’s Ever Been Pitched [via NY Mag]
      Leroy Stick: The Man Behinds @BPGlobalPR Explains Himself [via Street Giant]


        Patrick Stewart Gets A Promotion [via BBC]
        No Splicing: Ohio Senator Passes Bill Banning Animal-Human Hybrids [via Veracium]
        Hollywood Crackdown Nabs Faux Superheroes [via CNN]
        BP Declines James Cameron’s Help; Titanic Mistake? [via Newsfeed]


          Vodpod videos no longer available.

          [via TED]

          Nerdy Want:

          The complete series of The Wire on DVD, for just $90 on Amazon (Reg. $250)

          Your Daily Dinosaur:


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