NBC’s Heroes May Live Again

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Terrifyingly, Heroes isn’t entirely dead after all. Creator Tim Kring is already talking about what he plans for the potential wrap-up miniseries he’s discussing with NBC, and it sounds… well, like more of what killed the show off in the first place: Apparently, he wants to jump forward a year following the end of the show’s fourth season, and show what effect Claire’s revealing her powers to the world has had. If you’re thinking that that doesn’t sound too bad, here’s the part where you’re proven wrong:

Sylar (Zachary Quinto) will again struggle with his dark side. And Adrian Pasdar will likely return, though not as Nathan, who died.

Dear Tim Kring: We didn’t like it when you did the “No, we’ve killed off Ali Larter’s character, but keeping her on the show as someone who looks just like her” thing before. And, seriously? Sylar is still struggling with his dark side? Is there really no other storyline for that character?

I actually wouldn’t mind if NBC let Kring bring his series to some kind of real conclusion; I just would rather it involved something new and exciting, instead of a rehash of everything we didn’t like about the show in the first place.

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