Will Hawkeye Complete The Avengers’ Line-Up?

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Marvel’s movie Avengers are continuing to take shape at a rapid pace. Alongside leaked concept art showing how Captain America and Thor will look in their movies (Pretty much like their Ultimate and regular Marvel Universe comic counterparts, respectively), it’s looking as if The Hurt Locker‘s Jeremy Renner is about to sign on as the superhero team’s newest member, Hawkeye.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog reports that Renner is “in final negotiations” to play the reformed-criminal-turned-Avengers-mainstay, a casting that has been rumored for almost a year now. If everything works out, Renner will likely be the final member of the team to be cast, as the current line-up suggests an already-large grouping of Iron Man, War Machine, Black Widow (all from Iron Man 2), Thor and Captain America, as well as a role for the Hulk. How many more characters could comfortably fit into the one movie?

(Dear Marvel Studios: That was not a challenge.)

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