Rumor: Apple to Introduce ‘Magic Trackpad’ Peripheral?

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I hate to spoil all the fun before the big event later today but there’s a rumor floating around that seems to indicate Apple may be introducing something called the “Magic Trackpad” peripheral. The above photo shows the side view of the alleged device.

The general idea, according to Engadget, appears to amount to a six-inch by six-inch slab that would sit alongside your Mac keyboard and provide features such as handwriting recognition and the multi-touch gestures baked into Apple’s Magic Mouse and notebook trackpads.

View of the underside:


Basically, it sounds like it’d bring a bit more multi-touch to those of you using desktop Macs and possibly a few extra bells and whistles to MacBook owners as well. This one might be aimed at graphic designers and video editors.

Top view:


Of course, we’ll know more about it at around 1:00 PM Eastern today when Steve Jobs takes the stage for the WWDC 2010 keynote address. Until then, take this info with one or more grains of salt.

via Engadget

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