Sony Casts New Spider-Man

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Bleeding Cool is reporting that English actor Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot) has been chosen as the new Peter Parker in Sony’s upcoming reboot of the franchise, directed by Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer).

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The casting, still unconfirmed, comes just months after plans for a Spider-Man 4 film with director Sam Raimi and star Toby Maguire crumbled, and both made their exits. Rather than let the superhero dust settle, Sony began work on a new reboot with a younger Peter Parker. That’s right, Spidey’s going back to high school.

Bell, who will also star in the upcoming CGI adaptation of the comic Tintin, beat out rumored competition Zac Efron (High School Musical) and Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) for his chance as web-slinging Spider-Man, though if this film will manage to be any good is just something we can’t gauge.

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