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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the web:

Up Front:

Scott Pilgrim Game Hands-On [via Game Informer]


HTC EVO 4G Sold Out Just About Everywhere [via Engadget]
Can PostSecret And Facebook Save A Life? [via NewsFeed]
Military Taps Social Networking Skills [via NYT]
An Android User’s Take On Yesterday’s iPhone News [via TechCrunch]


UK Study Finds Gamers Have The Reflexes Of A Fighter Pilot And The Body Of A 60-Year Heavy Smoker [via Forces of Geek]
Power Gig Scores Dave Matthews, Clapton, Kid Rock & Fake Drums [via Kotaku]
Red Dead Redemption Ships Five Million [via IGN]


More Details On The LOST Epilogue [via Slash Film]
Star Wars: Legacy Is Selling Tons, And The Creators Still Have Stories To Tell. So Why Cancel It? [via io9]
Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg: In It To Save The World? [via TIME]
Surprisingly Intricate Doctor Who Theme Song Recreated using Effectology [via Urlesque]
This Is Nerdy You Should Listen To It Of The Day: Professor Reformats M.I.A.’s Paper Planes For Stem Cells Rap [via The Daily What]
Spider-Man Musical Turn Off The Dark Gets A New Mary Jane [via MTV Splash Page]


Internet Addicts Back After Boot Camp Breakout [via Global Times]
Voltron Feature Film Is Dead; Robots Will Rely On TV Reboot [via Slash Film]
Rosamond Pike To Enlist In X-Men: First Class As Emma Frost? [via Forces of Geek]
Latest Indiana Jones 5 Rumors Set Story In Bermuda Triangle, Shoot Date In 2011 [via Collider]
Batman: Year One Getting Animated Film Adaptation? [via Slash Film]


Tweet, Tweet:

Welcome to Twitter, @jedwhedon

Nerdy Want:

Rosie The Retrogamer Tee, $10, woot [via The Daily What]

Daily Dinosaur:

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