Why Isn’t Misfits On US TV?

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Surprising many, superhero TV series Misfits won the British Academy of Film and Television Arts award for Best Drama this weekend. So why hasn’t it made its way to the US yet?

Misfits isn’t exactly a British version of Heroes; as the official website explains, its superpowered protagonists (who gained their powers after being struck by lightning while performing community service) “don’t swap their ankle tags and mobile phones for capes and tights [but] discover what a pain in the arse life can be when you’re stuck with a super power you didn’t want.” The BAFTA win comes after a first season that was critically acclaimed by the British press, with the show called “sharp, funny, dark and, in places, quite chilling” and “dark, hilarious, exciting and beautifully produced.” With plaudits like this, you’d expect that the show would have already appeared on BBC America or Syfy, but neither has made any announcements yet. Here’s hoping that changes soon – and that we don’t end up with a watered down US remake.

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