In Light of iPhone 4, AT&T Offers Credit to Recent 3GS Buyers

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If you purchased an iPhone 3GS in the past month or so, it appears that AT&T will be extending its price protection policy until June 14th or later.

According to leaked memos obtained by, anyone who purchased a 16GB iPhone 3GS after May 7th can either get a $50 credit on their bill or exchange the phone for the iPhone 4 before June 14th. Those who purchased the 32GB iPhone 3GS can get a $100 credit or exchange the phone by June 14th as well. If you opt to trade up to the iPhone 4, you’ll have to pay the price difference.

If you purchased an iPhone 3GS after May 14th, you’ll have 30 days from the date of purchase to get your bill credited or exchange it for the new iPhone. In all instances, you’ll need to return to the place you purchased the phone in person to work everything out. Click the image below for details.


via BGR

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